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Registry Lock

Price:$180/yr per domain
Registry Lock is to protect your domain from any changes that may affect its normal operation such as DNS modifications, WHOIS updates, or unauthorized transfers. Registry Lock is ideal for high-profile websites, highly trafficked websites, well-known brands, or large enterprises, and it also can be added to any eligible domain. When enabled on a domain, additional authentication and validation procedures are implemented to prevent unauthorized access or modification to the domain’s settings.
The following TLDs are eligible for Registry Lock: .COM, .NET, .BAR, .COLLEGE, .DESIGN, .FM, .INK, .PROTECTION, .RENT, .REST, .SECURITY, .STORAGE, .THEATRE, .TICKETS, .WIKI and .XYZ.
How can I enable Registry Lock for my domain or remove registry lock from my domain?
The registry lock/unlock process is a manual process. We will verify your request first. Contact our support or account manager your intention to purchase the service, the domain name you wish to lock, we will get back to you shortly. Please MAKE SURE that you(domain reseller) receive the approval from the domains’ registrant before you send locking request to us.
Why should I register my trade marks or logos with the Trademark Clearinghouse?
Cost effective protection of your brands during the release of new gTLDs. The ONLY way to gain priority access to new gTLDs during Sunrise, a 30-day initial launch phase period for trade mark holders to register their trade marks or logos.
Stay informed of trade mark violations, potential infringers and seemingly similar domain name registrations.
What is the Trademark Clearinghouse?

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) consists of two primary functions:

  • The authentication of contact information of Trademark Records; and

  • The storage of such Trademark Records in a database in order to provide information to the new gTLD registries to support the providing of Notification of Registered Name (NORN).

What Trademarks are accepted by TMCH?

1. Registered trademarks – a nationally or regionally (i.e., multi-nationally) registered mark on the principal or primary register in the mark’s jurisdiction. Must have national effect and be registered at the time it is submitted for verification.

2. Court validated marks – refer to a mark that has been validated by a court of law or other judicial proceeding at the national level, such as unregistered (common law) marks and/or well-known marks.

Marks protected by statute of treaty – for marks protected by statute or treaty, the relevant statute or treaty must be in effect at the time the mark is submitted to the TMCH for inclusion.

3. Other marks that constitute intellectual property

What documents are required when filing application?
Registered Trademark Marks Protect by Statute or Treaty Court Validated Marks Other marks that constitute intellectual property

  1. Registered trademarks:
  A signed declaration of use; and

  A single sample proof of use.

  2. Court validated marks:

  Official court order on which the corresponding mark is based

  3. Marks protected by statute nor treaty:

Below documents are only required to submit by request, which includes, but not limitto:

Copy of the treaty or statute; or

Copy of the certificate is applicable.

In addition to the above, if the applicant is a licensee nor assignee of the Trademark, they are required to submit following documents: Licensee declaration, and Assignee declaration.

What is considered as a proof of use?
Registered Trademark Marks Protect by Statute or Treaty Court Validated Marks Other marks that constitute intellectual property

The range of samples accepted to support verification of proof of use by TMCH is intended to be flexible to accommodate practices from multiple jurisdictions.

Accordingly, examples of acceptable evidence include items from either of the following categories:

  1. Labels, tags, or containers from a product; or

  2. Advertising and marketing materials (including brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, product manuals, displays or signage, press releases, screen shots, or social media marketing materials).

Physical copies of samples are not required. Copies of photographic submissions will be acceptable.

Examples of samples that would not be accepted as adequate proof of use include:

  1. Inclusion of a trademark in a domain name;

  2. Email messages;

  3. Licenses to use a trademark application for business licenses that include the trademark as part of the business name;

  4. Business cards.

The sample submitted must contain the complete name of the registered trademark as recorded in the Trademark Records and as verified. TMCH will not assume the role of making determinations on the scope of rights associated with a recorded trademark or the labels it can generate.

If I opt for the trademark claims services, will I be informed if a domain name applicant requests a domain name similar to or the same with my trademark recorded with TMCH? 
The Trademark holder will receive a Trademark Claims notification as of the registration of a domain name matching their trademark record, not one that is similar. The Trademark holders will not receive a notification if the domain name applicant decides not to pursue with his/her request to register a domain name matching your trademark record after he/she has receive a notification informing him/her of the existence of your TMCH trademark record.

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